Tuesday, 9 July 2019

charity craft projects

Well, the made4aid shop on Etsy is temporarily closed, as I am recovering from surgery - I'm hoping to open the shop in August.

In the meantime, I've been knitting for made4aid - and also for some other great charity projects.

So if you are a crafter - knitting, crochet, sewing - you might be interested in one of these.  And they are all good for using up bits and pieces of yarn / fabric.

Knitted knockers.   This is an international project.

Fred Neal [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)]

Knitted knockers provide a fantastic alternative prosthetic for women who have had a mastectomy or other breast surgery, and don't want implants or don't find other kinds of prosthetics comfortable. Knitted or crocheted, they are light and soft, and cooler in hot weather than other kinds of prosthetic.

The knockers  are knitted or crocheted in the round, and the various groups provide patterns, and also a list of 'authorised' yarns which must be used, as they have been tested for comfort etc.  The online groups provide patterns and guidance, and help coordinate knitters and link them up with women who need the knitted knockers.

Knitted Knockers - public and international facebook group.   This is an international group which has links to 'local' groups in the USA, Malaysia, India, Canada - and elsewhere. Provides list of recommended yarn, patterns, information about local knitting groups and a lot of friendly chat and encouragement.

UK Knitted Knockers application board - This is where you can send a request here if you want to get involved with the UK charity group, there is an application process to go through.   Once you've 'joined up', you become part of the active online group which is very friendly and supportive. This group provides some quality assurance, to make sure that the items are safe and meet health and safety needs, so with their guidance you can be confident you are producing a knitted knocker thats safe, comfortable and the right size.   The UK group  organises promotional events - they can also provide yarn and gift bags, and some funding - if you need it - for postage to the person who needs the knockers you make.    Knitted Knockers facebook page

Handmade for dementia   

Handmade for Dementia (UK) 

This is a great knitting project for de-stashing and using up left over bits and pieces of yarn. Bright striped cannula sleeves are designed to help prevent dementia patients becoming distressed if they have a cannula, and prevent them fiddling with or pulling out the cannula. The group provides patterns and advice over the knitting, bright colours of double knitting yarn are needed for the outside of the sleeve, and plain / lighter colours for the inside (lining).  Fairly easy to knit and they make up quickly.  Handmade for Dementia UK facebook group.  Those who crochet but don't knit can also get involved making crochet 'twiddles' for the sleeves, and supporting in other ways.
This is my first cannula sleeve.
There is also a group making similar muffs in New Jersey, USA - more information here.

If anyone knows of similar alzheimers projects outside the UK, do please let us know and we can post about them here.

Worry puppets / monsters UK project for children's therapy

Knit for Nowt - worry monsters  (UK) Knitting, crochet, sewing.
This is another great de-stash charity project for all those little bits and pieces of yarn or fabric. Worry puppets or worry monsters are used by therapists working with children suffering from bereavement, neglect or other trauma. The group provide the puppets/monsters to social work groups across the UK.  They provide guidance and patterns, including safety requirements, and they coordinate provision of the puppets to social workers.
Knit for Nowt on facebook.

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