Monday, 4 January 2010

Vertical stripe bag - hand knit and felted SOLD

This bag was knitted using multiple threads of yarn combined together to mix different shades of blues and purples using up odds and ends, left-overs and thrifted yarns, and it was knitted sideways to achieve the vertical stripes.

After being knitted by hand the bag was then felted in the washing machine - theres a post on how to do this here, which also has a link to the website where I got the pattern for this bag.

There are 2 little pockets on the outside, one on each side - knitted and felted as part of the bag, and suitable for a mobile phone, or tickets or... other little things...

The bag is lined with a vintage silky floral fabric - it might be silk, it has that texture and slightly crunchy feel, but its hard to be sure and it could be rayon. There are 2 smallish internal pockets in the lining.

The bag is finished and closes with a tab and vintage button.

The measurements are: about 11.5inches/29.5cm across and 14 inches/37cm from the top edge to the base.
The handles are 25.5 inches / 65cm long.

Felting is a very ancient textile technique - though far easier and quicker in a washing machine than by hand! - and its very tough. This bag should last and last and cope with wear and tear, and its washable by hand, or in a gentle, cool machine wash.

The auction begins at 9am on Monday 4th January, 2010, and will end at 9pm on Sunday January 10th, New York time. The highest bidder at that time will win.

Bids start at $30 please.

Postage would be: UK - $3.30 (1st class); Europe - $5.30 airmail; Worldwide outside Europe - $9 airmail; $5 surface mail.
Airmail should arrive worldwide from the UK in 3-5 days, surface mail should arrive in or soon after 14 days.

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  1. OK then....lucky $33 is my bid

    Janice P

  2. hello ladies - thanks for bidding!
    its good to know there are people out there still watching...

  3. Hi Janice P - this is yours! thanks for bidding. Would you email me at - or leave your email details here - and we can sort out payment and mailing.


  4. Darn it! I forgot to come back yesterday.

  5. great bag. These are showing up around my neck of the woods! I saw my sister carol's- gorgeous.
    great work, as usual lettuce.

  6. ooo joyce, so happy at the thought of my bag being carried around up there!