Friday, 28 August 2009

Spotty hand-felted bag SOLD

This auction is for a fabulous spotty felt bag.

This came to made4aid second-hand, but its in great, as-new condition. I can't see any evidence of use or wear and tear. It has been made in one piece, as a 3-dimensional piece of felt, so it has no seams or joins at all and the black spots are an integral part of the felt.

It will be extremely long-lived as felt is very strong. Felt is one of the oldest textile forms. Rather than the fleece being combed or carded and then spun into a thread, the fleece is rubbed - hard - with lots of hot water and some form of soap or detergent. This makes the wool fibres lock together, which is what happens if you put a sweater in too hot a wash in the washing machine. As well as being used for clothing, felt is used for housing in some parts of the world, tents (yurts) are made from it. Its an ancient skill and its very popular at the moment - so being used in lots of contemporary ways. Such as this rather fab bag!

Big and bold, theres quite a lot of room in the bag - it measures approximately 20 inches/51 cm from the top of the handle to the bottom, 12 inches / 30.5cm from the top edge of the bag itself to the bottom, and 15.5 inches/39cm across at the widest point.

Can we start bids start at $14 please?
Postage would be: UK - $3.20; Europe - £5.20; Rest of the world - $8.50 airmail, $4.80 surface mail.

The auction begins at 9am Friday September 28th, and will end at 9am on Friday September 4th, New York Time time. The highest bidder before that time will win.

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  1. hi i will start the bid @ $15.

  2. Hi Sharyl

    this is yours for $15.00.

    If you would email us at, or leave your email address here, then we can sort out payment and mailing.