Friday, 17 July 2009

Vintage embroidered table cloth - SOLD

This is such a charming item - its a little table-cloth hand embroidered with a scattering of bright flowers.

The cloth itself is a fairly fine cotton (or could be mix of some kind) and the embroidery is done in a mixture of embroidery cottons and some wool in stem stitch, satin stitch, french knots, blanket stitch, chain stitch - possibly some others I don't know - and a bit of couching in the middle.

We have no idea who did this embroidery - or how old the cloth is - though its in very good condition, no marks or stains or obvious signs of use. Some of the photos have shadows from next door's cherry tree - the cloth itself is clean and white.

And its so exuberant. It is not an example of absolutely meticulous needlework, though someone has spent a lot of time on this - the stitching has been done over a printed pattern, which is not always covered by the stitching and in places the stitching is a tad uneven.

But its so joyful and full of life - really a pretty pretty thing which just might make you smile.

The cloth measures 31.5 inches/ cm by 32.5 inches/ cm.

We'd like to invite bids for this item beginning at £3.00.
(only £3.00, for so many flowers....)

Postage would be: UK - £0.75p, Europe - £1.30, the rest of the world - £1.90.

The auction begins at 9am on Friday 17th July 2009 and will end at 9am 24th July , London time. The highest bidder before that time will win.

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  1. Even though you say that this is not perfect, you can tell it was made with love. So I will bid up to £6. Tis a beautiful cloth.

    God bless.

  2. £7...would love to have it for friend returning to Darfur, for our tea table in welcoming center there.


  3. I think I am not so good at auctions, I give up too easily, but do so for good causes.

    I really hope you get it for your friend and your tea table in the welcoming center there. I think it will make your tea table look beautiful.

    God bless.

  4. Hi guys. I'll be back tomorrow to pay up. Very excited. Massive storms on way so I must shut down.

    I hope you're asleep (or having fun) at this hour (London time)!


  5. hi giulia, yes its yours! will email about mailing etc....