Friday, 3 July 2009

Frog - marquetry picture SOLD

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This little wooden froggie was made by the mother of a friend of made4aid. It is a piece of marquetry in fairly pale and glowing woods which I can't identify except for the walnut, which is the background - the grain of the walnut is perfect as it looks very like bubbles.

The little frog is sitting on a lily pad, with some pale green-ish leaves and reflection in the background.

This is amateur marquetry, nicely done and the design and colours are lovely. There is a wire at the back to hang the picture.

The dimensions of this picture are: approximately 4.75 inches/12cm by 6.25 inches/16cm.

Bidding for this item starts at £8.
Postage would be: UK - £1.60; Europe - £2.80; Rest of the world - £5.00.

The auction begins at 09.00 Friday 3rd July , 2009 and will end at 09.00 , Wednesday 8th July London time. The highest bidder before that time will win.

To bid on this item, please click on “PLACE YOUR BID” at the end of this post. Please bid in £ Sterling. You don’t have to be a blogger to bid and you don't have to log in or use a password or email address. There are more instructions on bidding and payment to the right-hand side of this post where you will also find a currency converter, and a time-zone converter.

If you are the winning bidder on this item, please email us after the auction ends at - or, leave your email address in the comments/bidding section. We will then contact you about payment and mailing.

Please click here for our terms and conditions, and returns information.

And if you have any queries, email us (as above) or leave your question in the comments.


  1. Nice piece, especially the main body of wood, here. I'll open with the 8 quid.

  2. I like this one too and will go up to 9 quid. I am not sure what a quid is, but I figure subt knows.

  3. Oh and can someone please tell me what a quid is and if is it the same as a pound and is that the pound sign that is being put by the opening bid amount. I am not sure if that is on my Computer keyboard.

    Thank you.

    God bless.

  4. Mrsupole,"Quid" is British slang for "pound" I don't have that pound thingy symbol, either (drat!) And I now bid 12 quid! Can I use an international money order? It'd be quicker than my cheque-LOL!( goes off to checkother items...)

  5. hello!

    yes, quids are indeed pounds and will do nicely.

    subtorp, we'd prefer paypal if poss. (free to set up if you don't have an account) but if thats not poss. we should be able to accept an internat. money order.

  6. Ma, thanks. Do no longer use Pay-Pal( thanks to hackers )or any electronic payments. Besides, our local posts can do up the money orders for most currencies( I think ).

  7. Okay subt,

    If you went up to 12 from 9 then you must really want this, so I will bow to your bid and just wait to see if another one comes up for bid again. It is pretty and I do hope you win the bid.

    God bless.

  8. Mrsupole, you show great kindness( besides, I've got my fingers crossed....)

  9. its yours subtorp.

    if you leave your email here, or email me at, we can do business!

    Mrsupole, there is another marquetry picture to come.... not a frog though...

  10. Huzzah! Mom will like this( not that she needs another froggie, in the flat but 'tis for a good cause, wot? )

  11. Thanks, I will look forward to it and subt congrats, I hope mom likes it and you get to take a picture and post a poem about it.

    God bless.