Sunday, 21 June 2009

Day of rest - progress + news

made4aid is resting today - but there are still items on sale, please scroll down to the previous posts to see them.

We will be back with a new item for sale tomorrow, Monday, and will then be posting items every other day for a while.

Its been a busy week keeping this up to date and finding ways to promote the project, and its been exciting seeing a few bids come in (thank you!). We've promises of more items for selling and UKHandmade has published a story about us on their blog.

Thankyou very much to those of you who have added our button to your blog or website - or promoted us in any way. We value any help advertising made4aid as a place to shop, as well as for giving.

We also now have a facebook group - if you are on facebook, please come and join us!

And in the meantime - we'd very much value your feedback, comments, suggestions on what we have done so far.

  • Are there ways we can improve the website or the process?
  • Are there things that have put you off bidding which we might be able to change?
  • Do you think it might work better if we linked from this blog to eBay, or eBid (a cheaper but smaller alternative to eBay) and did the bidding and selling there instead? This project is a work in progress and we are open to changing the way we do things.
  • Are there other places, forums, websites, networks etc. where we could promote made4aid?
  • any other thoughts?

Thanks so much everyone for your support.

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