Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Box-woven recycled basket - SOLD!

This little rustic basket was hand-woven on a box from sisal and recycled plastic sacking.

It was made and donated by Yozgang who is nearly 16 and is a textiles artist living in London.

This would be great for storing things - knick-knacks, gardening bits and pieces, pens, memory sticks, keys, cotton reels ..... It is both hard-wearing and very charming.

The basket measures 21cm long, 7cm wide and 7+ cm deep. The handles are approx. 7inches/18cm.

Bidding for this item starts at £12.00.

Postage would be: UK - £1.60; Europe - 1.70; Rest of the world - £2.50.

Postage is free on items which sell for over £50.00.

The auction begins at 09.00 am Wednesday 17th June, 2009 and will end on 09.00 am, Monday 22nd June, 2009, London time. The highest bid before that time will win.

To bid on this item, please click on “PLACE YOUR BID” at the end of this post. Please bid in £ Sterling.

You don’t have to be a blogger to bid. There are more instructions on bidding and payment to the right-hand side of this post where you will also find a currency converter, and a time-zone converter.

If you are the winning bidder on this item, please email us after the auction ends at - or, leave your email address in the comments/bidding section. We will then contact you about payment and mailing.

Please click here for our terms and conditions, and returns information.

And if you have any queries, email us (as above) or leave your question in the comments.


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  2. This little bag looks really cute!
    I'll bid £13 for it.

  3. I like how it looks 'furry' and I bid 25 dollars for it.

  4. the currency converter tells me $25 is £15, so that is the highest bid, from Squirrel.

  5. This would be great to show off my lavender babies at craft fairs I bid £18.00
    Good luck everybody!

  6. hi Blondedesign - you are the winning bidder on this item. If you leave your email here, or email us at, we can confirm payment and postage etc.

    thanks for bidding!

  7. Hi
    Email is
    Paying by paypal now £18.00 + £1.60.
    Let me know if you don't get it!
    Karen xx
    And THANK YOU!!