Sunday, 6 September 2015

New donations in the made4aid shop!

We have some lovely new donations in the made4aid Etsy shop - great greeting cards and gifts, so exciting to have new people getting in touch who want to get involved with made4aid.

We have some hand-painted blank greeting cards, wistful and whimsical watercolours by Puck, aka. Carmen

And we'll have some Christmas cards coming over the next few weeks.

And there is some fabulous jewellery made and donated by Jillian  - available with free shipping in the US, Canada and Mexico.  Jillian has used some beautiful hand-carved semi-precious stone in some of her jewellery, together with some great glass flower-power bead jewellery.

Here are just a few pics: 

You can see them all, with full details, in the Etsy made4aid shop jewellery section, where there are also some great donations from Sue, in the UK.

Thanks very much to everyone donating to made4aid.

Do look out for more items being added to the shop over the next few weeks as we approach Christmas!

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