Sunday, 24 August 2014


Just listed in the made4aid Etsy shop, we have a whole load of de-stache new Lion Brand yarns, donated by Kris.  These are available only within the US - with free shipping! so if you're planning some autumn knits, do have a look.

Some are discontinued colours and/or yarn types, like the polarspun,

which knits into a scrumptious soft furry fabric - there is a great teddy knitted with it on Etsy at the moment and some adorable baby hats.

We have some handspun yarns too - not so much of that left at the moment, but I'm busy spinning alpaca, and experimenting with my new (actually quite old) drum carder, so there will be more to come over the next month or two.  Here are the first results from the carder, some gorgeous soft merino:

And I've also been experimenting with some lock-spun beautiful curly gotland fleece -some little bits of that will be listed on made4aid soon, ideal for hand weaving or for hair for dolls and toys.

Becky, who bought some handspun portland from made4aid, sent a photo of what she is using it for:
So lovely!

Next up for my drum carder is a lovely soft soft shearling Romney fleece, which I think may spin up a bit like the romney - but will be softer. I think it may well make a delicious yarn.

The handspun yarn we have in the shop at the moment is laceweight silk and some gorgeously sea-green and lustrous wensleydale.

Plus - we have some vintage knitting patterns for instant download, and more to come!

So do keep any eye on the made4aid Etsy shop for yarns and patterns - and we welcome donations of yarn or knitted items to sell!  all proceeds go to Medécins sans Frontières / Doctors without Borders.

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