Saturday, 15 March 2014

Meet Sue

My name is Sue, I'm 33 yrs old, i live in the UK. 
I have health issues which prevent me from working, and i'm housebound most of the time because of this. So to keep myself busy i have a few hobbies, and one of them is making jewellery and accessories. I have made them for family and friends and they suggested i do more with them, such as selling online. 

I started looking into this and how i could sell my items and give all profits to a charity. It became very complicated! Then after a few days of searching online, i came across a forum for crafters and in one of those posts was a mention of made4aid. So i took a look at what they did, and i was immediately impressed. What a fantastic idea for raising money for charity! I contacted made4aid straight away, and after a few emailed questions and clarifications from Sally i decided this was the perfect way for me to give something back.

Being classed as a disabled person, and being housebound and reliant on other people for many things, it makes me feel great knowing that i am making a difference by donating items i have designed and made. It's nice to feel "useful" again. This is something i can do, by myself with no help from anyone. I feel good, knowing my items are doing good. And i am grateful to  made4aid for taking my donations and putting them to good use. I hope those that purchase my designs enjoy them just as much as i've enjoyed making them :)


We're so pleased to have Sue as part of made4aid!

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