Sunday, 30 March 2014

Meet Pam

My name is Pam Lambert and I live in Cheshire.

I make cards, themed mobiles, memory books with pockets for photos and embellishments and pages for journaling. These are made with decorative cardstock and are quirky and functional. 

I also make canvas clocks. I produce die cuts for use in scrapbooking and card making, making mobiles and for decorating any creative project. I also make earrings – both clip ons and for pierced ears. I am more than happy to make any of the above to order as no two of my ‘creations’ are the same anyway.

The philosophy I live by is “everybody wins”. I have always wanted to donate my items to charity because everybody does win in that I gain pleasure from making the items, keeping my mind and creative juices working and, people in need gain from the proceeds of the sale of my items.
My mother in law sadly died last year having suffered for thirty seven years with MS and, latterly, dementia.  My oldest friend, Jean, who was my age died exactly five months to the day later. 
May, a lady who worked in my local Asda also died suddenly. Her neighbour, coincidentally,  swims with me each morning and May’s husband wanted to give her crafting materials to someone who would use them. He was also keen on donating to charity.

All these events made me realise that now is the time to find that worthy cause.

I discovered Made4Aid and another charity on line and I have donated a couple of parcels of my items so far. I am honoured to be allowed to do this and realising my philosophy is actually working because everybody does win!

If you're interested in contributing to made4aid, there is more information on donating handmade items, or supplies, on our webpage:
and you can email us at:

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