Thursday, 15 August 2013

New for Autumn!

made4aid has taken a holiday break, and now we're back and getting listings up for some new Autumn items.

Just listed - a couple of great vintage finds from my holiday:  two vintage 1950's soft toy patterns:

Georgie Giraffe


"Wallop" !

These both date from the 1950s (or possibly early 60s) - they are unused and in great condition.

Also just listed, a series of 4 raw silk doublecloth scarves.

These are soft and light; being doublecloth and silk, they should be lovely and cosy for the Autumn. The two layers are separate at the ends and down some of the edges, and join where the motifs/designs are (where the layers are actually swapped).  This makes them really quite floaty, they're very elegant.

Pastel lavender and ecru

Autumn shades - blocks in pale gold, grey and shades of brown

Autumn leaves - blue and pale gold

Leaves in Autumn mist - pale shades of grey, gold/ripe wheat and ecru

We also have some art donations on the way - paintings and drawings - which will hopefully be listed for/by September  - once they're in the Etsy shop, there will be another post here with details.

So - thinking of Autumn, but enjoying the rest of the summer first!

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