Saturday, 10 November 2012


Soon to be listed, some ribbon-and-lace "paper chain" garlands - I made some of these a few years back, for our home, from bits and bobs of old ribbon and lace, including some bits of lovely vintage / antique lace which came from a great-aunt.

And now I'm making more for made4aid:

The ribbon and lace is a mix of vintage and new - and some pieces from great-auntie Queen.  The garlands are listed as 60 inches long - but I can make longer.

Have a look on Etsy, and send an Etsy message if you'd like a particular length.

Stocking Fillers
There are also quite a few small items, under £5 - once I've listed the ribbon-and-lace garland, I'll put these into a stocking-fillers shop section.  There are some pin cushions;  little padded hearts; earrings and bracelets.... come and take a look!

All proceeds from made4aid sales go to Medécins sans Frontières / Doctors without Borders - currently MSF are working in Queens, New York, as part of the Sandy relief effort - as well as in Syria, Zimbabwe, Haiti, Pakistan - and elsewhere worldwide.  (totals raised and donations made have just been updated here on the sidebar)

And my Christmas cards have just arrived - from Sreepur village in Bangladesh.

Still time to order for Christmas mailing - these are so lovely. Each one is hand-made, with hand-cut designs in coloured straw,  card and envelopes from handmade paper.  And all the proceeds go straight to the village, which is home for abandoned children and destitute women.

You can order cards here

I sometimes think about cutting down on Christmas cards and sending e-cards instead - but, I love writing and receiving cards, and when all the proceeds to go such a good cause - thats another reason to go on buying and sending them!

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