Sunday, 4 December 2011

Christmas decorations & gift bags

made4aid has been sent some great donation listings from Molly - Christmas decorations and gift bags - and for USA and Canada, there is still plenty of time for shipping for Christmas 2011 from Ohio. You can see Molly's blog here

(Note added October 2012:  - PLEASE NOTE, these decorations are not currently available for Christmas 2012, the links below are to old/expired listings in our Etsy shop.  If they become available again, we will update you here on the blog, with current links.  To see what is currently available in the Etsy shop, click here!)

Clothespin snowmen

These are all beautifully hand-crafted and vintage inspired, listed today in the made4aid Etsy shop, for just a few dollars you can add some extra nostalgic, homespun charm to your home and Christmas giving.

So - here are more of Molly's lovely donations (all of them are available singly, or in pairs/sets):

Gift bags - hand-aged music sheets, with accessories of vintage fabric, ribbons, buttons, beads eucalyptus.....

Shown above:
Eucalyptus ribbon
Green satin ribbon
Burgundy check bow

Brown tartan satin ribbon
Aged Muslin bow
Multi-check gingham knot

Green plaid clothespin
Blue plaid clothespin
Rust gingham knot

Christmas Decorations

Print block decorations

Cookie-cutter decorations

little Button wreaths

Spool & button Christmas decorations

more cotton spool decorations - snowmen and gingerbread men

and these fab. nesting snowman ornaments!

So - do come over to the made4aid Etsy shop for more details, have a look - spend a few dollars?

There are quite a few other items available for less than $10 - some pictures in the previous post.

All proceeds from our sales to to Medécins sans Frontières / Doctors without Borders.

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