Sunday, 10 April 2011


I've been making bags for our fund-raiser for Japan, in May.

Usually I browse my stache of fabric, pick a piece I fancy working with, and then come up with a design. And adapt, modify, fiddle around with the design as I go.....

.....the result: almost every bag is unique and I have fun. But - they take far too long to make.

So, finally I sat and did some proper googling for bag patterns.

And I found this great design for a reversible bag:

with free downloads of the pattern for cutting out, and the instructions.

There are so many creative and generous people out there - and verypurpleperson is clearly one of them! Thank you!

I love how step 6 of the pattern is an instruction to pause for encouragement - to " look! you almost have a bag!"

So, I have selected my fabrics, and am planning to make a bag with these 2 fabrics:

and then maybe another with these:

Unless I decide these are too busy to put both together (but I know some people love any amount of William Morris) - in which case, I could combine each of these with some lovely glazed cotton I've been keeping, waiting for just the right use:

what do you think?

If you've found any good bag tutorials online, do post details in the comments box, I'm on the lookout for more....

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