Thursday, 20 January 2011

Valentine's cards - 'alternative' and 'street' !

Happy New Year! Valentine's day soon...

Sales via the Etsy shop are quietly, slowly ticking over ... though its occurred to me that some of you might prefer to buy directly from us via this blog (which was how we started selling in the first place).

So - if you see something you want to buy and you'd sooner pay us direct via paypal (or cheque if you are in the USA or UK), rather than signing up to Etsy - then please leave a comment here, or email us at (though signing up for Etsy is quick and free)

Just added in the Etsy shop, and also available here (made to order) - 'alternative' Valentine's day cards - Valentine's with a difference.

These are all original photography art cards, handmade with high resolution prints of street art/scenes.

'Touch 4 love", photographed on the South Bank in London

Heart padlocked door, photographed in Woodstock Station, NY

'I worship the ground you moonwalk on', photographed in London's Brick Lane

'One love BIG' photographed at the Red Apple Rest, New York State

'Love yourself', photographed in London's Brick Lane

Honky Lips, photographed in Williamsburg, NY

A gummy heart, photographed in South London

'Just breathe' photographed in Williamsburg, NY

Heart (one way) - photographed in South London

'And my heart rears up under your attempts to convince me like a wild horse that refuses to be ridden' - photographed in GReenwich, by the Thames, London

'I Said to my Soul Be Still' photographed on the River Thames, London

Card sizes are 5 x 7 inches, blank and with matching envelopes.

The cards, when made up, will be pretty much like these (shown here as an example)

- but with the photo of your choice.

If you would like to buy one (or more) then please leave a comment here, or email us at, or you can buy in our Etsy shop.

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