Saturday, 20 November 2010

Scarves! for sale now

We've got a number of scarves on sale at the moment, in made4aid on Etsy - come and have a look!

hand knitted in chenille:

hand knitted in hand-spun wool and silk:

hand-woven in lambswool

hand woven in wool, some of it hand-spun

Its easy to sign up for Etsy, in order to buy - payment via Paypal, but you can use a credit card without having to have a Paypal account.


  1. Just got one of these -- it is lovely, the feel is much softer than it seems in the picture, and the color is gorgeous.

  2. I am a painter and my pieces are relatively "sellable" because they are colorful and vibrant. I am interested in exploring the possibility of selling paintings for charity only. Who can I email? I know 2-3 other fine artists that might do the same.

  3. hello anonymous

    That would be a wonderful thing to do.

    If you would like to donate/sell through made4aid, you can email us at - all proceeds go to Médicins sans Frontières/doctors without borders.

    There is more info about made4aid aid at the website

    with best wishes