Wednesday, 12 May 2010


So sorry for the "no news" situation over here, I've been very busy with work and trying to resolve some made4aid issues - so far without success.

I'm hoping to set up a made4aid Etsy shop.
However - Paypal have suspended our account, wanting further information about the organisation.

This seems entirely reasonable in principle.

Evidence has been provided showing that money raised is indeed going to charity as we claim; showing our tax status; showing our membership of the National Council of Voluntary Organisations.

Paypal are now requesting evidence that we have official status as fundraisers for the charities/organisations who are receiving made4aid money. This is not possible, as we don't have this status - and don't have to according to any UK / charity laws, so far as I am aware.

The process of responding to Paypal requests for information is not convenient, at the moment I am frustrated by constant fax "busy" reports....


I will keep you informed as and when anything is decided!

Thanks to those of you still checking in here.


  1. How frustrating. I hope it all sorts out soon. Let me know when you are back up and running and I will send something in for you xJ

  2. Best wishes with this challenge. It's a shame that Good Works should have to jump through so many hoops.

  3. Oh I know about this...shriek. Meanwhile, we watch as profiteers from profit slide on through. Best of luck, S.

  4. Ruddy Paypal! Hope you get it sorted. I have something to send you, too.

  5. well I'm trying to get the latest response to paypal. I've used up the memory allocated for uploading evidence/responses, the fax is constantly busy. I phoned and actually talked to a person!!! but he transferred me to another section, and they were busy.... i left a message ....

    the saga continues ....

  6. Sorry you are having to deal with this rigmoral but on the positive side it is encouraging to know that they do check these things and that when we pay to a charity with paypal we can be assured that it is not some scam.

    When I finally get moved house, I will send a couple of things. One for you Sally and one for auction xxJ