Tuesday, 6 April 2010

on hold

made4aid is taking a break.... sorting out some "stuff" ... considering options

hoping to be back shortly in some form or another.

thanks for everyone who has supported made4aid up to now.


  1. Hope everything is ok nd you are not orking too hard Sally? xJ

  2. The world is truly a better place because of you & made4aid......please don't lose heart. :0)

    How about trying only '1' bidding day per week. We could have a few sneak peeks throughout the week, previews of a sort, but no bidding until the given day. On that day all sale items + one new, never before seen item could be posted. Only a short 24 hrs to try & capture one's choice of treasures... might enhance anticipation & boost momentum. Your site is so valuable, it most certainly would benefit from more exposure. Everyone who supports this site needs to assist by visiting around blogland & sending made4aid info out into the world!
    Donating & mailing items to you for sale can be costly; how about requesting donations of money to 'convert' into thrifted treasures, and/or special boot sale finds. These, together with crafted items, might help keep things fresh & interesting at made4aid plus not wear out the host. You've had success with a similar mix in the past. With a few good helpers it could be great fun.
    Very Best Wishes for your continued success!
    P.S.- Congratulations for all that made4aid has already achieved, truly wonderful!

  3. hi! thanks for your kind comments.

    I'm not sure what direction this will go. I have a lot of things in life and work at the moment which need time and attention and have to find a less time-intensive way for this to work. Bidding hasn't really worked on here, Alice - and your idea might work better, but its too demanding for me at the moment.

    It maybe that made4aid will become an Etsy shop, where people can send details of items they want to donate/sell, then mailing the item themself to the buyer...

    ... but deciding and going ahead with that is pending a couple of other things.

    thanks for your support and encouragement

  4. Excellent idea, 'Etsy' is a global marketplace easily accessible to all. The internet is truly changing our planet.
    Best of Luck
    Alice :0)