Monday, 22 March 2010

Alice on auction - Original Photographic print SOLD

Our auction item this week is donated by Susan Sanford, of ArtSpark Theatre.

Susan has for some time been delighting blogland with her photography series of Alice in Wonderland and through the Looking Glass. She's produced a calendar and just recently a book "Dreaming Alice"

and this is the photographic print she has donated to made4aid, which is entitled : Alice and The Red King Dreaming.

click on the photo to see it LARGE

It is a pondering on the question at the center of Through The Looking Glass : "Am I (Alice) in The Red King's Dream or is he in mine?"

The print is 8 x 10 inches (approx. 20+cm by 25.5cm) - this is a high quality, high resolution print ready for you to matt / mount / frame as you wish.

The auction begins at 9am on Monday 22nd March, and will end at 9pm Sunday 28th March, New York time. The highest bidder at that time will win.

Bids start at $6 please - this includes mailing worldwide.

To bid on this item, please click on “PLACE YOUR BID” at the end of this post. Please bid in US dollars $ - there is a currency converter to the right-hand side of this description, you might need to scroll down a little.

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We also welcome comments in the "Place your bid" box, even if you don't want to bid!

If you are the winning bidder on this item, please email us after the auction ends at - or, leave your email address in the comments/bidding section.
We will then contact you about payment and mailing. You can pay via Paypal, or - if you are in the UK, USA or Canada - by personal cheque or postal order.

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And if you have any queries, email us (as above) or leave your question in the comments.

There are also greetings cards made with original photography prints on sale, made to order :

Through March, all proceeds will be split equally between Haiti and Darfur.

Thanks for visiting made4aid - hope you have a good week!


  1. I like it but what would the shipping cost be to the States? Forgive me if it's stated somewhere. Must go drink coffee:)

  2. Hi Giulia - the cost includes shipping costs


  3. I'll start at $10.

    It's so pretty - and what a question Alice is thinking on. If it's her dream after all, it seems more pleasant than the king's, judging by their faces.

    Thank you Susan for offering it!

  4. At the risk of feeling guilty about another Susan...$12.50.

  5. Sally, It's just past 9pm East Coast time...shall I send a check or?



  6. I Giulia - yes, its yours! Could you email me about payment etc.?