Monday, 1 February 2010


I've not been able to get items listed and ready to be up for sale this week - so made4aid is taking a pause.

I hope we will be back with some lovely handmade things to sell next Monday, Feb. 8th.

In the meantime, if you're wanting to buy arts and crafts to raise money for Haiti or Darfur, then have a look at Joyce's Bags, and at the Craft Hope Etsy shop.

And if you want to browse back through previous posts, any item which is not marked SOLD may still be available, so leave a comment or email us at if you want to make us an offer.

have a good week!


  1. Enjoy your break and look forward to more listings soon. i have just been looking through your past listings. So nice to see so many people bidding xJ

  2. Sigh...wishing for woven wonders!

  3. you leave such nice comments J. xx

    oh for more time for weaving alice... sigh...
    i will be sending some woven bags to Craft Hope again - they've mostly not sold here, but the one I sent there sold quickly and for more $$$.

    if I get time I'll come up with something different.
    Knitting and sewing are much quicker tho.

  4. A blue toned felted beauty with a longer handle would be brilliant. Adored your blue/orange
    model, don't suit orange unfortunately.
    Sorry, mistakenly thought knitting & felting took the most effort. I quess they all take lots of time & dedication. Looking forward to future listings.

  5. hi alice - well yes, the knitting and felting do take a lot of time but they're more portable and easier to just pick up and do a bit. Less setting up and preparation than weaving.
    but i love it all! just wish i had more time.
    do you do any art or craft work?

  6. If you were to put up a red scarf, I'd most likely bid since mine's gone missing, and since I've not got heaps of clothing, that is a real disappointment!

    It finally stopped raining here. I wish you a good week, too!