Monday, 22 February 2010

Current auction items - made4aid 4 Haiti

Our first auction item this week comes from a new made4aid crafter, Amanda - we're really pleased she found us.

Amanda did a give-away on her blog, and this item was won by Jasmine, who passed it on to made4aid - isn't that a great example of blogger goodness?

Its a vintage scented sachet:

and we also have a handwoven lambswool waffle-scarf, toasty warm for those still amidst winter, or starting to think about heading into Autumn.

Please click on the links for the full posts and details of these items.

The made4aid greetings cards are also still available, made to order :

All money raised through January and February will go to Oxfam's Haiti appeal.
From the beginning of March, all proceeds will be split equally between Haiti and Darfur.

Thanks for visiting made4aid - hope you have a good week!

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