Monday, 18 January 2010

Raising money for Haiti

Although our main designated charity long term will continue to be Darfur, we are planning to give all proceeds for the next month or so for relief work in Haiti - via Oxfam's Haiti Earthquake Emergency Appeal.

PLEASE SCROLL DOWN for an addition on Craft Hope - below the auction items!

These are the items currently on auction - until 9pm Sunday 24th January. The link will take you to the item description, and the box for leaving comments or bids.

Photography greeting cards - hand made, water photography

Applique wall hanging - original Kaffe Fassett design

Purple eco rug - hand sewn

Pretty in purple - handwoven bag

Emma's scarf - handwoven

Tapestry kit, Ehrmans - cats and parasols

Leg warmers - hand knitted

I've just come across Craft Hope, who are also raising money for Haiti - Doctors without Borders - via an Etsy Shop. They are doing fantastically well - do go and look, you can buy crafts there, or donate items yourself, 100% money goes to Haiti.
For artists and crafters, if you want to donate an item you can find details here - but they are only accepting items now up to Wednesday Jan. 20th, due to being rather overwhelmed with the response.
For the Craft Hope Etsy shop and to see what is on sale, go here.

There are so many ways to give for Haiti, and its hard to know which to choose - but here is another good one - Shelterbox, details on English Mum's blog.

If you're thinking of donating handmade items to made4aid - its a cash-free way to give!
There are more details on donating here.
If you're thinking of buying gifts from us - all proceeds from made4aid go to charity, so your cash buys far more than just the gift.

All money raised by made4aid goes through a Charity Aid Foundation account, so Gift Aid is added -and it will then be sent to Oxfam's Emergency Haiti appeal.

Haiti has brought a change of plan to made4aid - we'd expected to post just an item or two for sale each week while the new year gets under way.
But - Haiti needs our money sooner rather than later, plus at least a few people have visited and been a bit disappointed there wasn't more on offer.

So - we now have these 7 items listed for auction, bids are very welcome up to 9pm next Sunday, 24th January, New York time.

I hope you find something you like!


  1. Another log (etsy) that I have seen popping up is .

    I hope to send something to you for Haiti in the next few days.

  2. hi jasmine - I've just come across Craft Hope on facebook - it looks really good, doesn't it? I must put up a link to them