Monday, 25 January 2010

Joyce-like SOLD

This bag should be called "Joyce", if anything, because it turned out rather in the style of some of her wonderful bags over at Bags4Darfur.

I saw some of these fabrics and remnants in the fabric boxes at my textiles class and knew they were destined to be made into a bag - and it emerged as a Joycean bag.

The front flap of the bag with its velvety cut out and appliqued flower design was a reclaimed part of a top...

and the grey fabric I found for the back looked a bit blank in comparison, so I had some fun decorating it...

Under the front flap theres a pocket

and there are little pockets for mobile phones, tickets etc.... on either side of the bag.

The strap fastens with vintage buttons, and is adjustable.

The lining also came from the fabrics and rag box at class, and was once part of a shirt - already well cut into and out of before I got to it. The original shirt pocket makes a little internal gathered pocket in the bag.

I don't know how Joyce manages to turn out her bags at such a rate (and hers have way more pockets and fancy/interesting bits than this one) - I respect her more than ever after making this one.

The auction begins at 9 am on Monday 25th January and ends at 9pm on Sunday, 31st January, New York time. The highest bidder before that time will win.

Bids start at $28 please.

Postage would be: UK - $3.40; Europe - $4.80; Worldwide outside Europe - $7 airmail or $4.50 surface mail.
Airmail should arrive worldwide from the UK in 3-5 days, surface mail takes from 6 weeks.

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  1. I adore that flower on the back. Why don't Canadians have wordisms like: "car boot sale"?

  2. It's beautiful! I love the colours. $30 from me to start the bidding.

  3. $35

    Yes that flower is really great!

  4. Very Bohemian.. $40.00. Betty Ann M.-B.

  5. P.S. my email is

  6. Hi Janice, this is yours - I'll email you.

    thanks for bidding everyone.