Monday, 11 January 2010

funds for Haiti

Although our main designated charity will continue to be Darfur, we are planning to give all proceeds for the next month or so for relief work in Haiti - via Oxfam's Haiti Earthquake Emergency Appeal.

Items currently on auction:

denim patchwork tote bag

Miniature handmade book

Both of these for auction until 9pm Sunday January 17th.

The various festivals celebrated in December are a good reminder for lots of us of what we have to be grateful for. Even in the light of difficulties over the last year and longer - a lot of blogs I read have been reflecting on the riches we have of love, family, comfort and relative security.

And of course a lot of blogs are looking forward at the moment, thinking about the New Year, turning points, hope, change - many of them talking about Light.

So - although my brain is only reluctantly emerging from holiday-mode - this is just the time, with just the right sentiments in the air, for getting back to work on diverting some of our resources to those who have none, as a very small contribution to the possibility of light and hope where it is so much needed.

After we have raised some money for the Haiti fund, we will resume giving for relief work in Darfur - the Save Darfur website has some of the latest news on Darfur - where discussions are going on now with the international community particularly in relation to Sudan's international debt, US sanctions, and elections coming up in April. Much of the money Sudan owes the world has been spent on weapons - but it may at least provide some kind of pressure to bring about change. There is room for hope and there are lots of opportunities for helping even in little ways.

If you're thinking of donating handmade items to made4aid - its a cash-free way to give!
If you're thinking of buying gifts - all proceeds from made4aid go to charity, so your cash buys far more than just the gift.

So here we go.

In the interests of establishing a more reliable and predictable pattern, we will be offering item/s for auction on each Monday, auctions ending on Sunday evening, New York time.
There may be one item, or more than one on sale each week - depending on a calculation to do with my time and workload and how many items we have in "stock".

I hope this will make it easier for you to keep track of whats on offer, bidding etc. It means that you can keep up with our lovely handmade stuff by checking in here just once a week.
- but please, if you have any suggestions, or feedback on what might determine whether or not you decide to bid - please leave a comment and let us know? We do really want to know what you think of made4aid, and would value your help in making it as easy and open and efficient as possible...

Our items for auction are posted below.


  1. Oh that is so needed. I will make something as soon as my silk arrived. Walk in the Woods posted a link to Made4Aid today, you might want to look. Hope it brings you more traffic x

  2. Herta, I think thats often the case.....

    Thanks for the link Jasmine - its great when other people carry the baton for a while and pass it on!