Sunday, 15 November 2009

Welsh mountains- felt picture SOLD

This item a felt painting donated by Jasmine - this beautiful piece of art was inspired by Parys Mountain in Anglesey in Wales.

Parys Mountain is a copper mine that is no longer used.
It has been mined for 3500 years and there is a richness of all kinds of metals and minerals in the mountain. There are pools of natural acid at the heart of the mountain, which has been entirely excavated.

Jasmine has written a post about the area and the mountain on Natures Whispers with some beautiful and evocative description of the mountain and the area, and some photographs.

The picture is entirely needle felted using predominantly naturally dyed wool or the colours that are present in un-dyed wool i.e black is Welsh Mountain Sheep, Brown is a mixture of blended Blue Faced Leicester or Doll Suffolk. White is Merino. Pale yellowy green is merino dyed in nettles picked not far from the mountain. The purple shade is predominantly merino dyed in blackberries.

A lot of the pale yellows and oranges were dyed with vegetables and theres some minimal use of chemical-dyed fleece.

Whispy clouds are made up out of Norwegian sheep curls.

Jamine makes beautiful things from felt, as you can see from her blog - and we're so delighted to have a piece of her work to sell here to raise money for aid in Darfur.

The card mount has been slightly damaged in transit - there is a minor crease in the bottom

but this is a standard sized mount which can be replaced easily and cheaply, depending on how the buyer wants to display and/or frame it.

The size of the frame is: 14 /35.5 by 11.5 / 29

The size of the aperture and the felt picturew itself is 10.5 / 26.5 by 7.5 / 19cm.

The auction begins at 9 am on November 15th, and will end at 9pm on Monday 23rd November, New York time. The highest bidder before that time will win.

Bids start at $30 please.
Postage would be: UK - $2.70; Europe - $3.60; Worldwide outside Europe - $6.00 airmail, $3.00 surface mail.

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  1. I will make the 1st bid.

  2. Hi anonymous - well, this lovely thing is yours. Could you email me at - or leave your contact details here and I'll be in touch.

    and thanks for bidding!