Saturday, 28 November 2009

girly bag SOLD

This bag was made and sent in by Pat, who also makes the little tiny books. She's busy with work and family but still keeps making and sending things...

and isn't this sweet?

Its a quilted tote bag made out of left-over remnants and bits and pieces of fabric.

Theres a little ribbon rose handstitched onto the front here - and there are rows of hand-stitched quilting along the edges of each strip of fabric, and around the handles too which are decorated with buttons.

Theres such a lot of time has gone into this little treasure

and Pat says to start the auction at oh, just £5 or something!

and inside its fully lined with plain soft white fabric, and all the seams are neatly turned in and hidden.

The bag is approximately 12 inches/30cm wide by 14 inches/35 cm long and the handles are 22 inches/56cm long.

The auction begins at 9am on Saturday 28th November, and will end at 9pm, Monday 7th December New York time. The highest bidder before that time will win.

So bids start at $10 please. Very slightly more than the £5 Pat suggested but..... surely this has to be worth $10?

Postage would be: UK - $1.50; Europe - $2.50; Worldwide outside Europe - $2.40.

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  1. A lovely little bag. $10 Dizzy. xxx

  2. Hi Dizzy - this is yours, and the little book. I'll email you about payment etc....

    hope you're having a fabulous time over there