Saturday, 19 September 2009

Introducing Lucille SOLD

When I asked my daughter how I should name or describe this bag, she came up with "Lucille" - and who am I to argue?

This is my favourite so far, of all the bags I've knitted and felted - if I was going to keep one for myself, Lucille would be the one.

She was knitted using multiple threads of woollen yarn combined together to mix different colours and shades, and using up odds and ends and left-overs, some yarn I was given when a friend moved, and some of the teal/blue I bought at a car boot fair. The yarns include some boucle (loopy) yarn, which adds to the nice texture of the felted wool.

The bag was knitted by hand and then felted in the washing machine - theres a post on how to do this here, which also has a link to the website where I got the pattern for this bag.

The colour-pattern is a bit like a fair-aisle, with the yarn stranded across the back of the knitting.

There is a little pocket on the outside - knitted and felted as part of the bag, and suitable for a mobile phone, or tickets or... other little things....

The bag is lined with silky orange fabric salvaged from somewhere, I don't remember where, and there is smallish pocket in the orange lining fabric and another slightly larger internal pocket which is knitted and felted.

The bag is finished with a tab and vintage button - I was so pleased when I found this button in my collection, its just perfect for Lucille.

The bag measures about 11 inches/28cm across, when measured flat, and 10 inches/25.5cm from the top edge to the base. The base measures 8 inches/20cm by 4.5 inches/11.5cm.
The handle is 29.5 inches / 75cm long.

Felting is a very ancient textile technique - though far easier and quicker in a washing machine than by hand! - and its very tough. This bag should last and last and cope with wear and tear, and its washable by hand, or in a gentle, cool machine wash.

Bids start at $45.00 (US) please.

Postage would be: UK - $3.45; Europe - $4.50; Worldwide outside Europe - $7.85 airmail, $6.20 surface mail. Postage is free on items which sell for over $80.00.

The auction begins at 9 am on Saturday 19th September and will end at 9am Monday 28th September, New York time. The highest bidder before that time will win.
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  1. ooooooooooooooooooooh. Let me be the first to offer $45 please!

  2. And let me also say that coming here was an absolute pleasure. What a grand mixture of wonderful wares.

  3. I was thinking about bidding on this bag, but the irony of joyce biding on a bag has left me speechless.

  4. i know what you mean tanya! (you don't have to be put off tho....)

    and joyce, what an absolute pleasure to see you here.


  5. Lucille is gorgeous, Lettuce. I'm so pleased about the bid. Will be back later to make sure I have a Made4Aid post to go for next week when Giulia Geranium returns. (For better or worse:)

    I just love that bag! I hope you make knitting has slacked off & not picked up yet (this season). And certainly, I cannot knit like

  6. $48 from me, it's a gorgeous bag. Dizzy xx

  7. I am glad I am still highest bidder as I have been waiting for this bag to come up. Will have to keep an eye on this one! Dizzy xx

  8. Yeah, have I won? Can you please let me know the total in £. Delighted Dizzy xx

  9. hi Dizzy

    yes, she is yours for $48.
    So the total is $51.45 which is £32.28.