Friday, 25 September 2009

Handwoven scarf - lovely autumn mellowness SOLD

This is another item given to made4aid by Doff (who also made this). Doff has been weaving for decades, she's one of the older members of my textile class and she works very quickly and rather quietly - and turns out these beautiful pieces almost while your back is turned. She always uses gorgeous colours and yarns and produces complex weaves seemingly effortlessly.

This one is woven in wonderfully soft wool, merino and mohair. Its an unusual and really lovely colour combination in mellow autumnal tones. As well as blue, cream and a little grey, much of this scarf is woven in a lovely creamy biscuity-honeycomb gold and orange yarn which is spaced dyed - so the colours shift and in places it shades into pink or blue. Some of these photos were taken in strong sunlight - the first 5 pictures best represent the colours.

The weaving is "spaced and crammed" - ie. in places the threads are very close, and in places they are spaced out - so the texture of the weave varies and the boucle (loopy yarn) and the mohair also make it a little 3-dimensional. It was woven on a 4-shaft table top loom.

The scarf is wonderfully soft and light, and drapes nicely - it will be warm without being weighty.

The scarf is about 67 inches/170cm long excluding the fringes (4 inches/10cm each end) and it is 16 inches / 14.5cm wide - generous enough to really snuggle into.

The auction begins at 9am on Friday September 25th, and will end at 9am on Saturday 3rd October, New York time. The highest bidder before that time will win.

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  1. Looks so soft & cozy, well done!

  2. it really is soft and cozy, yes!
    well done lovely Doff.