Monday, 28 September 2009

crochet flower scarf, russet autumn - SOLD

This pretty pretty scarf is hand crocheted, and made up of flower-medallions stitched together, in lovely mellow autumn shades of russet, blues and greens.

Its lovely work - fine and even - and made throughout with 2 strands of yarn in different colours, so there is some really nice colour mixing going on here and the complementing and contrasting shades are so nice.

The scarf is edged with the russet/wine colour all the way around.

I think this is made from mixed fibres, and its machine washable on a gentle wash. Its quite light but also cosy and soft, and drapes and folds nicely.

The measurements of this pretty scarf are approximately : 11 inches/28cm wide, 62 inches /157 cm long.

The auction begins at 9 am on Monday 28th September, and will end at 9am, Monday Octobor 5th, 9am, New York time.

Bids start at $15 please.

Postage would be: UK - $2.60; Europe - $2.60; Worldwide outside Europe - $4.00.

The highest bidder before that time will win.
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  1. Would like to bid $20.00 - this is beautiful work. I can crochet but I don't know if I could make this for myself!


  2. Hello JMB.

    Well, this is yours for $20 plus P&P.
    Thanks for bidding!

    Can you email us about payment and mailing? at

    or leave your email here, and we'll contact you.