Monday, 24 August 2009

knitted pincushion - creative recycling! SOLD

This auction is for a sweet - and rather funky - little pincushion. Its made from a rolled piece of hand-knitting, which combines a number of strands of left-over yarns in greens and aqua - handstitched and held together firmly in a roll and decorated with a bottle top.

This is a great exercise in recycling and using up bits and bobs - its distinctive, appealing to look at and very practical.

Who doesn't need a pincushion? or another pincushion? or a new pincushion?

It was made by "Yozgang" - the design-name of a young London textiles artist who has contributed a number of handmade items to made4aid.

As well as another similar pincushion, Y has also made these little baskets for made4aid - 2 already sold, and one still to come:

and this little purse which has just recently sold:

Y is 16 and says that she can't remember a time when she didn't make things, she grew up in a very creative home and says that is where her creativity comes from - but its clear it comes from her distinctive abilities and ideas too.

She has been making and modifying her own clothes for some years now; she has done quite a bit of patchwork, particularly with unusual and recycled fabrics; she knits and weaves; she has a particular passion for recycling - I don't think she ever throws anything away! And she is currently working on a portfolio to accompany her application for college this Autumn where she's hoping to take a textiles and fashion design course.

Y has some more items in progress, which will make their way to auction here at some point - she says she is also going to make some more of the box-woven baskets.

And in the meantime - back to our current auction for her pincushion.

It sits on a base of leatherette and the dimensions are about 2 inches/5cm long and about 2inches/5cm diameter.

Bids start at $8 (USD) please.
Postage would be: UK - $2.00; Europe - $2.00; Worldwide outside Europe - $2.60.

The auction begins at 09.00 on Monday August 24th and will end at 09.00 on Monday August 31st, New York time. The highest bidder before that time will win.

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  1. I will bid $8 for the lovely pin cushion!

  2. I Annie, this is yours for $8. Bargain! I'll be in touch about payment and mailing...