Monday, 3 August 2009

Hand-knitted beret

This auction is for a hand-knitted beret in lovely lovely soft shades of pale blue, indigo, turquoise and cream. This is so pretty.

All wool, lovely and soft, this could keep someone cosy this winter.

The beret is 10.5 inches/26.5cm diameter, measured flat. Being wool, it has some stretch in it and should fit most size heads, though we couldn't guarantee it would fit an extra large. It will be washable by hand.

We'd like to invite bids for this starting at $15.00 please.
Postage and packing would be: UK - $1.00; Europe - $2.00; worldwide outside Europe - $2.70.

The auction begins at 9am on Monday August 3rd and will end at 9 am on Monday August 24th, New York time. The highest bidder before that time will win.

To bid on this item, please click on “PLACE YOUR BID” at the end of this post. During August we are running auctions in US dollars. You don’t have to be a blogger to bid and you don't have to log in or use a password or email address. There are more instructions on bidding and payment to the right-hand side of this post where you will also find a currency converter, and a time-zone converter.

If you are the winning bidder on this item, please email us after the auction ends - or, leave your email address in the comments/bidding section. We will then contact you about payment and mailing.

Please click here for our terms and conditions, and returns information.

And if you have any queries, email us (as above) or leave your question in the comments.


  1. forgot to say this one is hand spun yarn

  2. above comment was me

  3. I'll bid $18 for this, its gorgeous


  4. hello moonpic - this beret is yours, so if you can leave your email here, or email us at - we can sort out payment and mailing.