Friday, 14 August 2009

Darfur news

The first charitable work made4aid is supporting is the work of the World Food Programme in refugee camps in Darfur, Northern Sudan.

made4aid was launched in March this year, which was a time when 13 international and at least 3 domestic aid organizations were expelled from the area by the government of Sudan after the International Criminal Court charged the President with war crimes and crimes against humanity.

And so the situation of refugees in the camps - the displaced, dispossessed, orphaned, widowed, injured, raped, traumatised, starving and desperate grows worse and worse.

The WFP's programme in Sudan is one of the largest humanitarian operations in the world, and in Darfur the programme provides food for about 2 million people affected by the conflict which has been going on now for decades.

You can find current information as well as some of the history at the following sites:

and the Save Darfur blog has frequent updates as the situation develops, as does the Darfur Peace & Development organisation.

People in Darfur have been living with unimaginable horrors and we hope that made4aid can make some small contribution to relief work there

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