Friday, 24 July 2009

Marquetry / maquette pony picture - SOLD

This little marquetry picture or maquette was made by the mother of a made4aid-er.

I don't know much about wood, though I think I can count at least 8 different types of wood here, and the grain has been used really well to suggest the pony's coat and mane.

This is amateur marquetry, nicely done and the design and colours are really nice. There is a wire at the back to hang the picture.

The dimensions of this picture are: approximately 7 inches/18cm wide and 9.5 inches/24cm tall.

Bidding for this item starts at £6 please.

This item is a little weighty - postage would be: UK - £2.10; Europe - £3.21 (airmail); Rest of the world - £5.75 (airmail) or for surface mail outside of Europe - £3.00.

The auction begins at 09.00 Friday July 24th, 2009 and will end at 09.00 Friday July 31st, London time. The highest bidder before that time will win.

To bid on this item, please click on “PLACE YOUR BID” at the end of this post. Please bid in £ Sterling. You don’t have to be a blogger to bid and you don't have to log in or use a password or email address. There are more instructions on bidding and payment to the right-hand side of this post where you will also find a currency converter, and a time-zone converter.

If you are the winning bidder on this item, please email us after the auction ends at - or, leave your email address in the comments/bidding section. We will then contact you about payment and mailing.

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  1. Okay, I will bet £6 please.

    God bless.

  2. Mrsupole, I do hope you get this one! The froggie is fantastic but the horse is a bit more in detail, yes!

    @lettuce, Mom loves the froggie( I need to find better place to hang it ). And it arrived just ere her birthday, so was a well timed present. Thanks ever so much and glad I fixed the ordering problem, on my end!

  3. Hi Subby,

    I hope I get it too, but if not I will survive and hope they get some more in some time. I need to try to figure out something that I can make and then donate to be put up for auction. I am also looking for something to buy for the Professor and his wife, but I had wanted that tablecloth for them, but the other bidder needed it for a better reason I guess. So I give in to them. So far I am looking lucky with this one.

    Thanks and God bless.

  4. Mrsupole, knock wood-LOL! And are you talking about THE Professor?

  5. Hi Subby,

    Yes, THE Professor that I write about. He is such a good person, he and his wife sent me a most wonderful old book and I wanted to say "Thank You" to them. And since your Mom likes her gift so much I was hoping that they would like this. But I am not sure just yet and have to really think and see what else comes up. They are in England and so the shipping to them would be quick and easy. It took almost 3 months for the book to get here. It came over by ship. I probably should not have given up on that tablecloth so easily. But oh well.

    God bless.

  6. hello Mrsupole - well, its yours! please leave your email here, or email me at - and we can discuss payment and mailing!

    have a good weekend